An early look at the Xbox One

I recently had a chance to get some hands-on time with the Xbox One’s slate of launch titles in San Francisco. Here are some quick thoughts on the system itself and a few of the games that made a strong impression.

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Review: Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate fine-tunes the fighting

In Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate, the emphasis is less on babes in skimpy outfits kicking butt and more on creating a top-notch fighter.

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Review: Ducktales Remastered trades in nostalgia, for better and for worse

Developer WayForward does a tremendous job preserving the feel of the Nintendo Entertainment System original, while giving it a 21st century makeover.

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Review: Saints Row IV’s ‘Matrix’-like simulation transcends genre

Volition is clearly confident with the identity it’s crafted for the Saints Row series and that swagger shows.

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Revisiting Grand Theft Auto’s San Andreas

With Grand Theft Auto V set to take gamers back to San Andreas, it seems almost obligatory to revisit that place and remember how GTA: San Andreas turned everyone’s expectations for an open-world sandbox game upside-down.

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Remembering Giant Bomb’s Ryan Davis

Ryan Davis' Giant Bomb colleague and friend Jeff Gerstmann; father, Richard Davis; and wife, Anna Davis, talked to Press Democrat Staff Writer Sean Scully about the online celebrity many Sonoma County residents may not have known was in their midst.

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Review: The Last of Us a huge step up for talented Naughty Dog

Even as part of a video game landscape rife with post-apocalyptic wastelands, Naughty Dog's “The Last of Us” is unrelentingly bleak. Yet within that bleakness, you'll find a deeply moving narrative that stands out as one of gaming's best.

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Review: Grid 2 stretches itself thin trying to please everybody

Racing games – and by extension racing game fans – tend to fall into distinct two camps. Some players enjoy getting under the hoods of virtual cars, tweaking and tuning their racer to suit their needs. Others will relish zooming along at ludicrous speeds and whipping a ride around a corner with reckless abandon. Codemasters tries to find that sweet spot in between with “Grid 2,” the sequel to 2008’s successful “Grid.”

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Review: Resident Evil Revelations successfully merges new, old

“Resident Evil: Revelations,” originally released last year for Nintendo’s 3DS, attempted to take the series back to its roots by marrying survival horror elements from the earlier games with the action-oriented gameplay of recent installments. Fans responded positively, and it seemed only fair that console gamers be treated to the same experience, but now with a few layers of polish.

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Introducing Emmanuel Lopez, GameWit’s newest blogger

Starting Friday morning, you'll be seeing posts from a new writer here at GameWit. Please welcome Emmanuel Lopez, who recently joined The Press Democrat's sports department.

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