Blogger’s note: I spent the early part of the week fighting off the flu, and most of the energy I have put into work has gone into PD Preps. I’ll be back with a column next week. In the meantime, please accept this humble little music post.

Before I started writing about video games, I wrote about music (and books, movies and theater, but mostly music). Plenty of songs take inspiration from video games, and you know what? Most of them aren’t very good. But a few weeks ago, I heard Chairlift’s “Sidewalk Safari” (above), whose title and lyrics are inspired by the band’s singer watching a friend mow down pedestrians in “Grand Theft Auto.” (Which “GTA” isn’t important; nor was it mentioned when I heard the anecdote.) This odd, little, New Wave-inspired number with the syncopated beat might be the best song inspired by video games since the Pixies “Theme from Narc” (below).



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