Quick thoughts on Uncharted 3

During a recent demo for media, "Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception" developer Naughty Dog unveiled the game's villain and showed off fantastic-looking 3D visuals.

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Final Fantasy XIII review

With its movielike pacing and streamlined gameplay, "Final Fantasy XIII" aims to be a role-playing game for folks intimidated by massive, wide-open game worlds and complex combat systems. But should such experiments have come in a game with such a large Roman numeral at the end of its title, and all of the expectations a "XIII" conveys?

By | April 28th, 2010|6 Comments

Game of the year runners-up

A look at the video games that captured my imagination almost as much as "Dragon Age: Origins," my 2009 game of the year.

By | January 8th, 2010|2 Comments

Fixing Spike’s Video Game Awards

It's hard to debate the results of Spike TV's annual Video Game Awards show when we've had so little time to play the games that won. Switching up the show's air date is just one of my ideas for making the show more relevant to gamers.

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Holiday gift guide

Holiday gift suggestions for just about every gamer on your list.

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‘Uncharted 2: Among Thieves’ review

Sony's Indiana Jones-meets-"Tomb Raider"-meets Rambo adventure game is the best movie I've ever played.

By | November 18th, 2009|4 Comments

Gaying up Xbox Live, PlayStation Network

Anecdotal evidence that some kids might not want to play the newest "Grand Theft Auto" episode, "The Ballad of Gay Tony," because the word "gay" appears in its title offers a glimpse at how we might keep hate-spewing kids from ruining the online games we love.

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What to play last weekend (Oct. 30-Nov. 1)

Thanks to a busy weekend, the weekly rundown of new releases comes on a Monday. A big week of new games includes "DJ Hero," another "Grand Theft Auto IV" episode and a downloadable version of the cult classic "Zombies Ate My Neighbors."

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What to play, catch up edition (Oct 23-25, 16-18, 9-11)

What to play returns after a brief hiatus. Heavy metal adventures, "Indiana Jones"-style tomb raiding and romping around a post-apocalyptic setting with three friends are among the virtual activities you could be taking part in.

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Legendary world for gamers to explore

With "Brütal Legend," Sonoma native Tim Schafer has created another one-of-a-kind video game setting.

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