What to play this weekend (Feb. 25-27)

This week, you can play as Sev and Rico in "Killzone 3" or try a game that's quite possibly making fun of them in "Bulletstorm."

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They could have been contenders

A look back at games that might have cracked my top 10 games of 2010, had I played them more or under different circumstances.

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What I’ve been playing (May 23-29)

"Super Mario Galaxy 2," the biggest game of the year on the Wii, is taking up the bulk of my time, but I still managed to squeeze in some other offerings.

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Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction review

Though sneaking around and picking off enemies in "Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction" is enjoyable, the shorter two-player co-op story outshines the single-player adventure starring cover boy Sam Fisher.

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Santa Rosa Game Crazy liquidating

Movie Gallery, which owns Hollywood Video and Game Crazy, is liquidating all its merchandise. The Game Crazy store on Stony Point Road in Santa Rosa recently began selling new and used games for 20 percent off.

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What I’ve been playing

I'll be working on the What to Play This Weekend post off and on tonight and tomorrow, if necessary, but I figured in the meantime, I'd chime in with thoughts on some of the stuff I've been playing the past few days.

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What to play this weekend (April 30-May 2)

"Super Street Fighter IV" essentially replaces one of last year's top titles, and adds a bunch of new content at a budget price. Also hitting store shelves, this console generation's first decent World Cup game what's sure to be this year's perviest game packaging.

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Say goodbye to paper manuals

Ubisoft is the first major game publisher to ditch paper manuals for its console titles. Expect others to follow suit.

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What to play this weekend (April 16-18)

"Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction" (rated M, $60 on Xbox 360): Former covert operative Sam Fisher, on the run from his former employer, hunts for the killer of his daughter in the new overhaul of Ubisoft's popular stealth franchise. I got a chance to try this game out at Microsoft's [...]

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Is winter the new fall?

With so many games being delayed until after Christmas, at least one gaming executive is thinking the traditionally slow months of January, February and March are looking a little crowded.

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