Review: Secret World a treat for Lovecraft fans, wannabe detectives

Funcom's new massively multiplayer online RPG can be a lot of fun, if you overlook its forgettable combat.

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Calendar full of promising games

Blogger's note: This list of upcoming games I'm looking forward to appeared recently in The Press Democrat, but I held it back for publication so that I could add a few more titles I didn't have room for in print. Now that every video game company has cleared [...]

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PC games I want to play

Now that I've got my gaming PC built, games I'm most looking forward to include "The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings," upcoming MMOs "The Secret World" and "Knights of the Old Republic," as well as entire genres I can't play on consoles.

By | September 2nd, 2011|6 Comments

Got PC envy? Building your own is easy

With nearly six years having passed since the launch of the Xbox 360, PC gaming is starting to look appealing to even the most dedicated of console players. As I recently discovered, putting your own gaming rig together is about as easy as hooking up a home theater system.

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