Update: Best of Black Friday deals

Here's a look at a few Black Friday deals that caught my eye, the most exciting of which is Kmart's selling "Mass Effect 2" for a paltry $10. (Updated with more deals from Microsoft, Steam.)

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E3: Rock Band 3 preview

"Rock Band 3's" incorporation of keyboards and vocal harmonies, plus a robust new "pro" mode that makes gameplay more like playing a real-life instrument, should give the slumbering music genre of games a much needed shot in the arm.

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Warming up to Green Day: Rock Band [update]

While I'm still skeptical that there's enough demand out there for a $60 "Rock Band" game devoted exclusively to Green Day, I'm a little less so after watching a few of the folks from Harmonix Music Systems play the game on stage during Wednesday night's "Rock Band" party on the [...]

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What to play this weekend (Feb. 12-14)

"BioShock 2" (rated M, $60 on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, $50 on PC): You'll return to the underwater, Art Deco-influenced city of Rapture in the sequel to my favorite game of 2007. I've deliberately been avoiding reading too much about it, so I'll keep this preview nice and short. [...]

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Game of the year runners-up

A look at the video games that captured my imagination almost as much as "Dragon Age: Origins," my 2009 game of the year.

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Thoughts on Green Day ‘Rock Band’ and other new titles

Last weekend's Video Game Awards weren't all about 2009. Publishers also used Spike TV's annual show to air trailers for upcoming titles as well as show off a handful of previously unannounced titles. None of the three high-profile continuations of existing franchises made a heck of a lot of sense [...]

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Holiday gift guide

Holiday gift suggestions for just about every gamer on your list.

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What to play this weekend (Sept. 11-13)

This week begins and ends with "The Beatles: Rock Band." In the middle? More "Beatles: Rock Band," just for good measure. Oh, and there were some other games, too.

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Ultimate Beatles: Rock Band setlist

Got a copy "The Beatles: Rock Band" and a roomful of fake plastic instruments but don't want to dive into story mode and play through the songs in chronological order? In honor of the games 09/09/09 release date, here are nine songs you should play right away, along with the instrument you should use.

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The Beatles: Rock Band review

With "The Beatles: Rock Band," Harmonix Music Systems and MTV Games have fashioned a must-play title for anyone with even a shred of curiosity about the Fab Four. The Fab Four’s songs might be the lone musical force capable of uniting a baby boomer, Gen Xer, millennial and whatever they’re calling little kids these days for an evening of banging on fake plastic instruments.

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