Revisiting Grand Theft Auto’s San Andreas

With Grand Theft Auto V set to take gamers back to San Andreas, it seems almost obligatory to revisit that place and remember how GTA: San Andreas turned everyone’s expectations for an open-world sandbox game upside-down.

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What to play this weekend (Jan. 28-30)

Anyone who's watched TV this month can tell you that this week is for playing "Dead Space 2," which your mom hates, apparently. (Ugh.) If you're alienated by the "Dead Space 2" ad campaign, or just don't like games that try to scare the pants off you, Take-Two Interactive, parent company of Rockstar Games and 2K Games, has put a whole bunch of its downloadable games and add-ons on sale on Xbox Live.

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Rounding out top 10 games of 2010

Last week, I named "BioShock 2" my 2010 Game of the Year. "Mass Effect 2" leads a compelling crop of runners-up.

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What I’ve been playing, mega catch-up edition

Here's a look at what I've been playing over the past month or so, along with quick thoughts on each title.

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What to play this weekend (Aug. 13-15)

"Madden NFL" reigns largely unchallenged, save for a few add-ons and downloadable games.

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What I played last week (Aug. 1-7)

I'm still good at "Culdcept Saga." Plus, I plow through "Alan Wake's" "The Signal" downloadable content, play "Left 4 Dead 2" with some friends and find time to dabble in some other stuff. This week's goal is to fire up "Starcraft 2" for the first time and give the PlayStation 3 some love.

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What I played last week (July 25-31)

With the summer lull officially on, it's a great time to head to the Old West and catch up on Rockstar Games' "Red Dead Redemption." It's too bad it's so buggy, though.

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What I played last week (July 18-24), plus bonus previews

This week's What I Played features a few mini-previews for upcoming games "Dead Space: Ignition," "Shank" and "Spare Parts."

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Games of the half-year

With the year half-over and having brought more high-profile new games than the typical winter/spring months, it’s a good time to handicap the Game of the Year race. Here’s a list of the five titles I’ve enjoyed the most this year, along with a sixth that could move up based on software patches and online play.

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What to play this weekend (June 25-27)

A Transformers game that doesn't stink tops this week's new releases.

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