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A ‘Mass Effect 2′ side mission I’d like to see

At the end of last week, Electronic Arts and BioWare announced that those of us who bought “Mass Effect 2″ new will be getting more free downloadable content through the game’s Cerberus Network. (For the uninitiated, new copies of the game come with a one-time code to access something called the Cerberus Network, an interface used to download a handful of “free” extra missions and weapons. “Free” has quote marks around it because if you buy the game used, you’ve… Read More »

What to play this weekend (Jan. 22-24)

After taking most of the fall/early winter off, I’m bringing back this weekly roundup of recommendations for the current weekend. At the time I stopped writing it, the feature kind of became a beast in the heart of the fall release schedule. The glut of games coming out each week was so massive that it was taking an eternity to sift through the various new releases, weekly sales and what not. I’ll do my best to stay on top of… Read More »

Getting the most out of your gift cards

Soon, it’ll be Christmas morning, or less than a week after the end of Hanukkah, and you’ll have a stack of gift cards. Rather than burning a huge percentage of your haul on a $50 or $60 game like “New Super Mario Bros. Wii” or “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2,” you might want to make your gift card last. Most of us are scrimping and saving where we can, and why buy one or two brand new, blockbuster games… Read More »