What I played (Aug. 8-21)

The Summer of Japanese Strangeness (TM) comes to an end, and I start working through my backlog.

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What I played (July 18-Aug. 7)

The past few weeks of this slow summer have been spent playing "Catherine" and "Infamous 2," plus a handful of downloadable games and older releases.

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Beyond Summer of Arcade

Microsoft's Summer of Arcade promotion is all well and good, but here's a look at a few great downloadable games that can hold their own against the format's very best.

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What I played (July 11-17)

I've been playing a heck of a lot of "Bastion," this week's Summer of Arcade release on Xbox 360. Sadly, it's still under embargo and I can't talk about it yet. Also earning heavy time in my consoles are "Infamous 2" and "Magic: The Gathering."

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What I played (July 4-10)

I finished off "Dungeon Siege III," started "Infamous 2" and had a heck of a time playing "Trenched" with my Xbox Live buddies.

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What I played (June 27-July 3)

Here’s a look at what games I’ve been playing, ranked roughly from most-played to least-played.

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What I played (June 20-26)

"Magic: The Gathering" and "Shadows of the Damned" dominated my week.

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What I played (June 13-19)

Last week was dominated by "Duke Nukem Forever," but I still managed to cleanse my palette with some "Magic: The Gathering" and two-player co-op zombie games.

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What to play this weekend (June 17-19)

With "Duke Nukem Forever," "Alice: Madness Returns" and "Child of Eden" all hitting this week, we're getting three sequels to games that are more than 9 years old. I'm only recommending two of those sequels, however.

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