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What to play this weekend (July 30-Aug. 1)

A shortage of both free time on my part and cool new releases on the part of the video game industry kept me from writing a What to Play last week. So this weekend’s WtP includes a couple of week-old titles. Still, this weekend is all about “Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty” for anyone with a PC that can run it.… Read More »

Joe Montana’s E3 surprise

In the roundup of stuff I saw and did on Monday, I left out the fact that Electronic Arts brought Joe Montana on stage briefly to talk about the streamlined playcalling in this year’s “Madden.” Joe looked a little uncomfortable on stage. He seemed to struggle with whether to look at the person who was talking to him, or at the crowd, as well as with what he should do with his hands, in other words, stuff you or I… Read More »