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LittleBigPlanet 2 review

At any gathering of parents, you don’t have to talk to many people before you find at least one who dubs video games a brain-rotting invention that turns kids into anti-social, violent cretins. While it’s true that there are way too many kids playing games made for adults, such name-calling and pigeonholing causes parents to overlook a lot of brain-stimulating, creativity-stoking fare. “LittleBigPlanet 2” (rated E, $60 on PlayStation 3) is the perfect rebuttal to the argument that video games… Read More »

Video games worth giving

A look at titles worth picking up for whatever types of gamers might be on your holiday shopping list.… Read More »

Update: Best of Black Friday deals

Here’s a look at a few Black Friday deals that caught my eye, the most exciting of which is Kmart’s selling “Mass Effect 2″ for a paltry $10. (Updated with more deals from Microsoft, Steam.)… Read More »

ModNation Racers review

At its best, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable exclusive “ModNation Racers” is a worthy challenger to the “Mario Kart” throne. With fast, arcadey kart racing, a cute art style and an impressive box of tools for creating custom racers, karts and tracks and sharing them online, it ups the ante for an entire genre. Diehard fans of Nintendo’s classic series might find that the infinite possibilities for customization keep them from ever going back to their original love, especially given… Read More »

What to play this weekend (Feb. 12-14)

“BioShock 2″ (rated M, $60 on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, $50 on PC): You’ll return to the underwater, Art Deco-influenced city of Rapture in the sequel to my favorite game of 2007. I’ve deliberately been avoiding reading too much about it, so I’ll keep this preview nice and short. Early reviews have been generally favorable, and this game packs an online multiplayer mode the original title lacked. “Dante’s Inferno” (rated M, $60 on Xbox 360 or PS3): Loosely based… Read More »

Black Friday ad roundup

A partial rundown of what retailers have to offer in the way of Black Friday video game sales.… Read More »

What to play this weekend (Aug. 28-30)

Some folks are already calling “Batman: Arkham Asylum” the greatest tie-in game ever. The fact that it’s not directly tied to a movie release date or script probably has a lot to do with it. … Read More »