Review: Infamous 2’s end justifies its means

Though it features plenty of stumbles along the way, "Infamous 2's" ending is just as explosively amazing as the first game's beginning.

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What to play this weekend (July 1-4)

It's another slow week for new games, but "World of Warcraft" has gone free-to-play up to level 20, and there are sales everywhere.

By | July 3rd, 2011|3 Comments

Update: Best of Black Friday deals

Here's a look at a few Black Friday deals that caught my eye, the most exciting of which is Kmart's selling "Mass Effect 2" for a paltry $10. (Updated with more deals from Microsoft, Steam.)

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Solid first steps

Why the "Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker" tutorial I played rubbed me the wrong way, plus a short list of games with compelling ways of teaching gamers how to play them. This post is an expanded version of the column that ran in Friday's paper.

By | April 16th, 2010|2 Comments

X10: ‘Crackdown 2’ impressions

Based on what I saw at Microsoft's X10 media event, Ruffian Games' "Crackdown 2" could be this year's "Borderlands." With four-player online co-op, offliine split-screen co-op an the ability to create mayhem on foot or in vehicles, the open-world supercop game is coming along nicely.

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Game of the year runners-up

A look at the video games that captured my imagination almost as much as "Dragon Age: Origins," my 2009 game of the year.

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Holiday gift guide

Holiday gift suggestions for just about every gamer on your list.

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Black Friday ad roundup

A partial rundown of what retailers have to offer in the way of Black Friday video game sales.

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PlayStation 3 price cut, new model

Sony's announcement of a $100 price drop for the PlayStation 3 should signal the beginning of the end of the $400 video game console, at least until the next round of hardware.

By | August 19th, 2009|2 Comments

PS3’s “inFAMOUS” a crash course in being a superhero

Despite a plot ripped from the pages of countless comic books, the brilliantly written "inFAMOUS" nails what it must feel like to be a newly minted superhero. You'll flex your muscles and think, "Look what I can do," as you shoot lightning from your hands and skate across power lines. But you'll also grow weary of administering to the sick, chasing down muggers and posing for photographs when you've got bigger fish to fry.

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