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E3: My Thursday at LA conference

The video game industry’s annual get-together in Los Angeles ends today, and I’ve got another day packed with appointments. I’ll run ‘em down quickly here so you know what to expect from me in the coming days. So, what am I seeing? I’ll start Day 3 of E3 off with D3. The publisher, which releases a lot of budget titles, will show me a lot of family-oriented fare, but I’m probably most excited to get another look at “Puzzle Quest… Read More »

Just call it ‘Gears of Warcraft’

Bethesda Softworks took the wraps off of its newest third-party title. No, not “Fallout: New Vegas,” but a game from inXile Entertainment called “Hunted: The Demon’s Forge.” The two-player co-operative dungeon crawler uses Epic’s Unreal 3 game engine and looks so much like a fantasy version of “Gears of War” that I’m content to call it “Gears of Warcraft.”… Read More »