Revisiting Grand Theft Auto’s San Andreas

With Grand Theft Auto V set to take gamers back to San Andreas, it seems almost obligatory to revisit that place and remember how GTA: San Andreas turned everyone’s expectations for an open-world sandbox game upside-down.

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Rock for charity Thursday in SF

The second annual Umloud! fundraiser is set for Thursday night in San Francisco. If you're a "Rock Band" nut, or just like to see other people pretending to be rock stars, it's a great way to spend an evening. And you're likely to walk away with some cool, gaming-related swag to boot. (Update: Corrected and clarified raffle rules)

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Mafia II review: Is that it?

At first blush, "Mafia II" looks like an open-world period piece on par with "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's" enthusiastic embrace of the mid-1980s. It's not. Outside of the core story missions, there's simply not much to do in Empire Bay.

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This horse comes with GPS

Is "Red Dead Redemption's" use of GPS a sign of progress in the quest for user-friendly game design, or a bizarre anachronism?

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Solid first steps

Why the "Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker" tutorial I played rubbed me the wrong way, plus a short list of games with compelling ways of teaching gamers how to play them. This post is an expanded version of the column that ran in Friday's paper.

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‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ episodes coming to PS3

According to a news release from Sony, the two downloadable follow-up episodes to "Grand Theft Auto IV" -- previously an Xbox 360 exclusive -- will be coming to the PlayStation 3 on March 30. The highly rated episodes, called "The Lost and Damned" and "The Ballad of Gay Tony," are [...]

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Gifting the right game console

If you're out shopping for a game console as a holiday gift, here are a few things you should know.

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Holiday gift guide

Holiday gift suggestions for just about every gamer on your list.

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Black Friday ad roundup

A partial rundown of what retailers have to offer in the way of Black Friday video game sales.

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What to play last weekend (Oct. 30-Nov. 1)

Thanks to a busy weekend, the weekly rundown of new releases comes on a Monday. A big week of new games includes "DJ Hero," another "Grand Theft Auto IV" episode and a downloadable version of the cult classic "Zombies Ate My Neighbors."

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