Final Fantasy XIII-2 a time travel success

Early in “Final Fantasy XIII-2,” Square Enix’s time-travel-infused, role-playing game from Japan, a character expresses envy of the game’s era-hopping heroes, saying she’d like nothing more than to find a comfy point in history and just settle down and start a life there. In a way, that’s what [...]

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What I’ve been playing

I'll be working on the What to Play This Weekend post off and on tonight and tomorrow, if necessary, but I figured in the meantime, I'd chime in with thoughts on some of the stuff I've been playing the past few days.

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What Alan Wake can teach Final Fantasy XIII

The story-driven survival horror game "Alan Wake" includes a feature that should be standard on story-driven games.

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Final Fantasy XIII’s endgame disconnect [mild spoilers]

In which I confess my dirty little "Final Fantasy XIII" secret, and lament the game's dramatic difficulty spike for its end boss.

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What to play this weekend (April 30-May 2)

"Super Street Fighter IV" essentially replaces one of last year's top titles, and adds a bunch of new content at a budget price. Also hitting store shelves, this console generation's first decent World Cup game what's sure to be this year's perviest game packaging.

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Final Fantasy XIII review

With its movielike pacing and streamlined gameplay, "Final Fantasy XIII" aims to be a role-playing game for folks intimidated by massive, wide-open game worlds and complex combat systems. But should such experiments have come in a game with such a large Roman numeral at the end of its title, and all of the expectations a "XIII" conveys?

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What to play this weekend (April 23-25)

The Wii's "Monster Hunter Tri" and some downloadable content highlight an otherwise slow week.

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Say goodbye to paper manuals

Ubisoft is the first major game publisher to ditch paper manuals for its console titles. Expect others to follow suit.

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What to play this weekend (April 16-18)

"Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction" (rated M, $60 on Xbox 360): Former covert operative Sam Fisher, on the run from his former employer, hunts for the killer of his daughter in the new overhaul of Ubisoft's popular stealth franchise. I got a chance to try this game out at Microsoft's [...]

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Solid first steps

Why the "Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker" tutorial I played rubbed me the wrong way, plus a short list of games with compelling ways of teaching gamers how to play them. This post is an expanded version of the column that ran in Friday's paper.

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