Review: Dead Space 3 a good story, middling game

As an expansion of the fiction of the "Dead Space" universe, filled with markers and ruthlessly fast, killing-machine zombies, "Dead Space 3" succeeds markedly. But it falters in a number of other areas.

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2011 holiday gift guide, extended remix

A much longer version of the holiday gift guide that recently ran in The Press Democrat features plenty of suggestions for all sorts of gamers.

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Games of the half-year

The year's half over, and "Bulletstorm" unexpectedly stands tall as my game of the half-year.

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Ever kept an audio diary?

Whether you're a titan of industry, a maverick social revolutionary or just a space Marine about to die, if you're a video game character in a modern action title, there's a good chance that at some point you sat down to dictate your innermost thoughts to a machine. Then you set the tape down somewhere, walked off and forgot about it.

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What I’ve been playing (Jan. 30-Feb. 19)

My semi-occasional recap of what I'm playing, and some brief thoughts on each title.

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Dead Space 2 multiplayer, quick thoughts

"Dead Space 2's" multiplayer should appeal for a while to fans of team objective-based games like "Left 4 Dead" or the ever popular "Capture the Flag" mode. It might not have enough depth to thrive beyond a few months, though, and Electronic Arts may have erred by requiring buyers of used copies to pony up for an online pass to play.

By | February 11th, 2011|2 Comments

Dead Space 2 review

"Dead Space 2" gives hero Isaac Clarke, mute for the first game, a voice and a personality. The result is one of the best-written, most likable protagonists you'll find in a first- or third-person shooter.

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What I’ve been playing (Jan. 23-29)

I've been working on "LittleBigPlanet 2" and "Dead Space 2," but I've managed to find some time for a few other titles, as well.

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What to play this weekend (Jan. 28-30)

Anyone who's watched TV this month can tell you that this week is for playing "Dead Space 2," which your mom hates, apparently. (Ugh.) If you're alienated by the "Dead Space 2" ad campaign, or just don't like games that try to scare the pants off you, Take-Two Interactive, parent company of Rockstar Games and 2K Games, has put a whole bunch of its downloadable games and add-ons on sale on Xbox Live.

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10 great games for 2011

The January lull in new video game releases makes it a great time to catch up on last year's games, which is why I'll be writing about my 2010 Game of the Year next week. It also provides an opportunity to look ahead at the games that could compete for 2011's honors.

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