Review: Dead Island a toad prince

You'll find a lot to love in Techland's zombie-filled fusion of open-world role-playing game and visceral, first-person slaughterfest, provided you can overlook its numerous warts.

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E3 preview: Dead Island hands-on

"Dead Island's" 5-minute E3 demo doesn't live up to its initial, emotionally engaging trailer, but its visceral combat and battles with flesh-eating zombies in the harsh tropical sun show plenty of promise.

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What to play this weekend (June 10-12)

Publishers largely sat back during E3 week, with "Infamous 2" being the lone must-play release.

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Preview: Downloadable ‘Amy’ aims to scare

Sometime after the PlayStation Network comes back up, we'll get a chance to try out Lexis Numerique's upcoming survival horror game "Amy," about a woman who has to stay near a little girl or take drugs to avoid turning into a zombie.

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Rounding out top 10 games of 2010

Last week, I named "BioShock 2" my 2010 Game of the Year. "Mass Effect 2" leads a compelling crop of runners-up.

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Dead Rising 2 and deadlines

By featuring journalists as prominent characters and requiring players to meet strict deadlines or face the consequences, the "Dead Rising" games appeal directly to this blogger's professional interests.

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Dead Rising 2 review

"Dead Rising 2" is an incisive critique of the brutality of modern entertainment, but it's not above letting its players beat zombies to death with sex toys.

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What to play this weekend (Oct. 1-3)

It's officially fall, with "Dead Rising 2," "FIFA Soccer 11," "Wii Party" and a new "Guitar Hero" headlining this week's new releases.

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Dead Rising 2 Case Zero review

The $5, downloadable "Case Zero" prequel gives gamers a taste of what's to come when "Dead Rising 2" releases Sept. 28, but deviates from the traditional "demo" formula in a refreshing, inventive way.

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Xbox 360 games I saw and played at X10

A brief rundown of what I saw and played Thursday. I'll be covering each game in greater detail later, but wanted to let you all know what's coming.

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