What I played (Aug. 8-21)

The Summer of Japanese Strangeness (TM) comes to an end, and I start working through my backlog.

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What I played (June 27-July 3)

Here’s a look at what games I’ve been playing, ranked roughly from most-played to least-played.

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What I played (May 9-15)

Last week, I played the holy heck out of "Brink," squeezed in a little "Divinity II" and unwound with some Xbox Live Arcade games and "Culdcept Saga." Oh, and I'm still horrible at "Call of Duty."

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What I played (April 17-May 1)

Over the past two weeks, I've mostly been playing games I reviewed or intended to review, but I managed to sneak in some "Gears of War 3" beta and start "Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga," a role-playing game that more folks should be talking about.

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What I’ve been playing (Jan. 30-Feb. 19)

My semi-occasional recap of what I'm playing, and some brief thoughts on each title.

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What I’ve been playing (Jan. 23-29)

I've been working on "LittleBigPlanet 2" and "Dead Space 2," but I've managed to find some time for a few other titles, as well.

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What I’ve been playing (Sept. 26-Oct. 2)

Here's a quick look at what I played last week, as well as what I thought of each game.

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What I played last week (Aug. 1-7)

I'm still good at "Culdcept Saga." Plus, I plow through "Alan Wake's" "The Signal" downloadable content, play "Left 4 Dead 2" with some friends and find time to dabble in some other stuff. This week's goal is to fire up "Starcraft 2" for the first time and give the PlayStation 3 some love.

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What I played last week (July 18-24), plus bonus previews

This week's What I Played features a few mini-previews for upcoming games "Dead Space: Ignition," "Shank" and "Spare Parts."

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What I played last week (July 11-17)

A couple of old-school shoot-'em ups dominated my week. Plus, I prepare for the next season of my "Culdcept Saga" league and close the book on the first "Puzzle Quest."

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