Costume Quest review

The new downloadable game from Tim Schafer's Double Fine Productions is as deftly written and wonderfully whimsical as previous efforts "Psychonauts" and "Brütal Legend." It's just shorter.

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Costume Quest: Love letter to Halloween

"Costume Quest," the latest game from Sonoma native Tim Schafer's Double Fine Productions, aims to make up for a lack of seasonal video games. I recently had a chance to sit down for a chat with Schafer and Tasha Harris, the game's creator.

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A challenger for Rock Band, Guitar Hero

"Power Gig: Rise of the SixString" aims to take on Activision's "Guitar Hero" and MTV's "Rock Band," but it's got a steep mountain to climb.

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Game Crazy deepens discounts

The discounts at the soon-to-be closed video game retailer on Stony Point Road have gotten a bit deeper, and while it's looking a little bit picked over, I spotted plenty of decent games on a visit Sunday.

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This horse comes with GPS

Is "Red Dead Redemption's" use of GPS a sign of progress in the quest for user-friendly game design, or a bizarre anachronism?

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Game of the year runners-up

A look at the video games that captured my imagination almost as much as "Dragon Age: Origins," my 2009 game of the year.

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Hoping for an Umloud! repeat

Normally, I wouldn't post about an event I attended more than a week ago, but when the event is for a good cause, I'll make an exception. Just before I took some time off of work, my wife and I attended the Ümloud! fundraiser in San Francisco. Held Dec. 9, [...]

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Fixing Spike’s Video Game Awards

It's hard to debate the results of Spike TV's annual Video Game Awards show when we've had so little time to play the games that won. Switching up the show's air date is just one of my ideas for making the show more relevant to gamers.

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Holiday gift guide

Holiday gift suggestions for just about every gamer on your list.

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Black Friday ad roundup

A partial rundown of what retailers have to offer in the way of Black Friday video game sales.

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