Review: BioShock Infinite a one-of-a-kind tour de force

For players well-versed in modern video games, "BioShock Infinite" is a creative tour de force. But its outstanding story is occasionally undermined by trappings common to first-person shooters.

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What we’ll see from E3

I'm spending the week in Los Angeles, at the video game industry's annual showcase known as E3. Here's a look at what I expect to see, and what I'm most excited about.

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Ever kept an audio diary?

Whether you're a titan of industry, a maverick social revolutionary or just a space Marine about to die, if you're a video game character in a modern action title, there's a good chance that at some point you sat down to dictate your innermost thoughts to a machine. Then you set the tape down somewhere, walked off and forgot about it.

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BioShock 2: My 2010 Game of the Year

"BioShock 2" overcame a number of potential red flags to deliver one of gaming's most memorable, stirring single-player narratives, making it my Game of the Year for 2010.

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‘BioShock 2’ review

In "BioShock 2," 2K Marin and Co. have taken what seemed like a sequel dictated more by shareholders than logic and crafted a deep narrative that in may ways surpasses that of the first game.

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What to play this weekend (Feb. 5-7)

The new "Star Trek" MMO is the lone major release, but you can pick up "'Splosion Man" on the cheap on Xbox Live. If you're a PC gamer who hasn't played the first "BioShock" yet, a couple of sites are giving away the original if you preorder the sequel.

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Getting the most out of your gift cards

Soon, it'll be Christmas morning, or less than a week after the end of Hanukkah, and you’ll have a stack of gift cards. Rather than burning a huge percentage of your haul on a $50 or $60 game like “New Super Mario Bros. Wii” or “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare [...]

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Black Friday ad roundup

A partial rundown of what retailers have to offer in the way of Black Friday video game sales.

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What to play this weekend (July 10-12)

Arcade baseball title "The Bigs 2" is the only big retail release, but a slew of new downloadable games plus a temporary sale of "N+" for $5 on Xbox Live keep things interesting.

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What to play this weekend (July 3-5)

The new release schedule is a bit light this week, but PC gamers should strongly consider downloading a massive bundle of 20 2K Games releases for a cool $54.

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