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Video games worth giving

A look at titles worth picking up for whatever types of gamers might be on your holiday shopping list.… Read More »

What I’ve been playing, mega catch-up edition

Here’s a look at what I’ve been playing over the past month or so, along with quick thoughts on each title.… Read More »

Alan Wake’s ‘The Signal’ review

The first downloadable installment for Remedy Entertainment’s “Alan Wake” picks up where the story left off, but expands upon some new gameplay ideas to keep things interesting. Because “The Signal” is set after the end of the retail disc, this review contains some spoilers for those who haven’t finished the main game.… Read More »

What I played last week (Aug. 1-7)

I’m still good at “Culdcept Saga.” Plus, I plow through “Alan Wake’s” “The Signal” downloadable content, play “Left 4 Dead 2″ with some friends and find time to dabble in some other stuff. This week’s goal is to fire up “Starcraft 2″ for the first time and give the PlayStation 3 some love.… Read More »

Games of the half-year

With the year half-over and having brought more high-profile new games than the typical winter/spring months, it’s a good time to handicap the Game of the Year race. Here’s a list of the five titles I’ve enjoyed the most this year, along with a sixth that could move up based on software patches and online play.… Read More »

What to play this weekend (May 21-23)

All right, there’s been a lot of good stuff in the past two weeks, so I’ll just cut to the chase. I hit a lot of the major releases here, but I’ll still mention ‘em here briefly. “Super Mario Galaxy 2″ (rated E, $50 on Wii, due out Sunday), “Red Dead Redemption” (rated M, $60 on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3), “Alan Wake” (rated M, $60 on Xbox 360) and “Split/Second” (rated T, $60 on Xbox 360 or PS3): I… Read More »