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Review: Grid 2 stretches itself thin trying to please everybody

"Grid 2," image courtesy of Codemasters

Racing games – and by extension racing game fans – tend to fall into distinct two camps. Some players enjoy getting under the hoods of virtual cars, tweaking and tuning their racer to suit their needs. Others will relish zooming along at ludicrous speeds and whipping a ride around a corner with reckless abandon. Codemasters tries to find that sweet spot in between with “Grid 2,” the sequel to 2008’s successful “Grid.”… Read More »

Review: Resident Evil Revelations successfully merges new, old


“Resident Evil: Revelations,” originally released last year for Nintendo’s 3DS, attempted to take the series back to its roots by marrying survival horror elements from the earlier games with the action-oriented gameplay of recent installments. Fans responded positively, and it seemed only fair that console gamers be treated to the same experience, but now with a few layers of polish.… Read More »