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Schwarzenegger hits “continue” on violent games law

On the same day the state’s lawmakers hunkered down and tried to figure out how to pare billions of dollars from the budget, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who earned millions of dollars starring in violent action movies aimed at teenagers, asked the U.S. Supreme Court to reinstate a California law that would fine retailers up to $1,000 for selling violent video games to children. Regardless of whether you think the law, sponsored by former Assemblyman Leland Yee of San Francisco, is… Read More »

Time Warner retreats on metered Internet

Earlier this week, I blogged about Time Warner Cable’s plans to test pay-by-usage pricing for its high-speed Internet service in four U.S. cities. For owners of the latest generation of game consoles, with their movie-download stores, streaming video capability and extensive online gameplay options, the experiment could result in much higher utility bills down the road. Well, there’s been some good news for those fearful their addiction to watching streaming episodes of “Heroes” and “30 Rock” on their Xbox 360… Read More »

Of ‘Pong’ and Presidents

When Barack Obama is sworn in on January 20, he’ll make history as the first president in our nation’s proud history to have grown up with video games. And while that’s not as big of a deal as his other, precedent-setting characteristics, it’s worth acknowledging if you’ve at any point grown tired of legislators, governors and state attorneys general ham-handedly attempting to protect America’s children from the scourge of violent games. Nobody should decide on a presidential candidate based on… Read More »