Review: Ducktales Remastered trades in nostalgia, for better and for worse

Developer WayForward does a tremendous job preserving the feel of the Nintendo Entertainment System original, while giving it a 21st century makeover.

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Review: Resident Evil Revelations successfully merges new, old

“Resident Evil: Revelations,” originally released last year for Nintendo’s 3DS, attempted to take the series back to its roots by marrying survival horror elements from the earlier games with the action-oriented gameplay of recent installments. Fans responded positively, and it seemed only fair that console gamers be treated to the same experience, but now with a few layers of polish.

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Holiday gift guide, part 1: Resist allure of shiny Wii U

The Wii U is the shiny new video game console on the market, but you needn't be in a rush to own one.

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A guide to shopping for the gamer on your list

A look at some under-the-radar games that might make great gifts for the video gamer on your holiday shopping list.

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Calendar full of promising games

Blogger's note: This list of upcoming games I'm looking forward to appeared recently in The Press Democrat, but I held it back for publication so that I could add a few more titles I didn't have room for in print. Now that every video game company has cleared [...]

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E3: Quick thoughts on final day

My last day at E3 included meetings with Warner Bros., D3 Publisher, Namco Bandai, Sony, THQ, Square Enix and 2K Marin.

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