Revisiting Grand Theft Auto’s San Andreas

With Grand Theft Auto V set to take gamers back to San Andreas, it seems almost obligatory to revisit that place and remember how GTA: San Andreas turned everyone’s expectations for an open-world sandbox game upside-down.

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What to play this weekend (April 9-11)

With a paucity of new releases this week, it's a great time to go back and play those old Xbox games, since Microsoft is ending online support for "Halo 2," Crimson Skies" and a host of older games on Thursday. Plus, the first two "Borderlands" add-ons show up on a retail disc, and "Geometry Wars 2" is on sale.

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What to play this weekend (April 2-4)

There's not much in the way of compelling new games this week, but a handful of existing titles got compelling downloadable content.

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X10: More on ‘Fable III’

"Fable III" introduces more wrinkles beyond letting you serve as Albion's ruler. A look at other nuggets from the presentation of the game I saw at Microsoft's X10 event last week.

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Online play for original Xbox to end April 15

Late last week, Microsoft took a step anyone who follows Xbox Live has known would come eventually. The company announced that on April 15, it will end support for online play of original Xbox titles. While it would seem that Microsoft, a company with pretty deep pockets, should be able [...]

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The importance of writing in games

Last week, I dinged "Killzone 2" (rated M, $60 on PlayStation 3), the best-looking first-person shooter I've ever played, for lacking heart. Despite all its technical polish and great online play, I had difficulty getting into the single-player game because of its unimaginative dialogue, boring characters and bland story. Compared [...]

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Games that go bump in the night

If you're tired of trudging every year to see "Saw Umpteen," there's a good chance you can find a scary video game that'll satisfy the same craving, and for longer. While horror has always been something of a niche genre, we're far enough into the newest generation of consoles that [...]

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Mixed feelings on new Star Wars MMO

That sci-fi role-playing game savants Bioware were developing a massively multiplayer online game set in the Star Wars universe was one of gaming's worst-kept secrets. But that doesn't mean we can't still get all excited and drool over this week's official unveiling of "Star Wars: The Old Republic". After all, [...]

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