A visit to SF’s Star Games

As I alluded to in my last post, I recently stopped off at independently owned Star Games in San Francisco. Now, I know anyone can buy just about any game, no matter how old or obscure on eBay or Amazon. But nothing soothes my inner collector more than going to [...]

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Lincecum a video game poster boy

The Giants' Cy Young Award winner is a superstar for the video game era, rivaling such past Giants greats as Joe Young, Jon Dowd and Reggie Stocker. Never heard of those guys? Read on.

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Review: “1 vs. 100” – Xbox Live’s next killer app?

A free online game show challenges our entertainment-on-demand culture by forcing Xbox 360 owners to log on during primetime to compete for prizes. Complete with a live host, it's a throwback to the days before TiVo and VCRs. It's also kinda awesome.

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A smarter generation of sports fans

With my favorite baseball team, the St. Louis Cardinals, in town this weekend to play the Giants, it seems as good a time as any to talk about how sports games can enhance fans' love, appreciation and knowledge of sports.I can trace my Cardinals fandom back to the early 1980s. [...]

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“Final Fantasy XIII,” the gaming equivalent of a dubbed film?

The upcoming Xbox 360 version of "Final Fantasy XIII" may have become a little less enticing this week when one of the game's producers suggested that, because of disc-space issues, 360 owners might only get English-language dialogue.In an interview with IGN, Square Enix's Yoshinori Katase said of the game, "Obviously, [...]

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An excuse to buy movie games?

I can't really say this enough times: Games that are based on or tied into movies are nearly always terrible. So when I heard that GameStop was running a promotion in which buyers of movie games are rewarded with a free movie ticket, I was a bit skeptical. After all, [...]

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Time Warner retreats on metered Internet

Earlier this week, I blogged about Time Warner Cable's plans to test pay-by-usage pricing for its high-speed Internet service in four U.S. cities. For owners of the latest generation of game consoles, with their movie-download stores, streaming video capability and extensive online gameplay options, the experiment could result in much [...]

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Taking control of your child’s game playing

You bought your kid a video game console for Christmas and became the coolest parent in the world. Now that school's started, though, your threats to take the [expletive deleted] thing back to the store because your son or daughter can't seem to find time for homework are threatening to [...]

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Of ‘Pong’ and Presidents

When Barack Obama is sworn in on January 20, he'll make history as the first president in our nation's proud history to have grown up with video games. And while that's not as big of a deal as his other, precedent-setting characteristics, it's worth acknowledging if you've at any point [...]

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A sucker for storage

I am a chump. After months of tediously shuffling around files, I'd had enough of the paltry 20 gigabyte hard drive that came with my Xbox 360. At the time the 360 launched, 20 gigabytes seemed like a lot of memory. But with free demos that regularly exceed a gigabyte, [...]

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