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Alan Wake’s ‘The Signal’ review

The first downloadable installment for Remedy Entertainment’s “Alan Wake” picks up where the story left off, but expands upon some new gameplay ideas to keep things interesting. Because “The Signal” is set after the end of the retail disc, this review contains some spoilers for those who haven’t finished the main game.… Read More »

What you should’ve played last weekend (March 26-28)

I’ve fallen a bit behind on these, as there’ve been a fair number of new releases and I’ve found myself working weekends. Let’s get caught up, shall we? Nintendo DSi XL ($190): Nintendo’s latest handheld, in stores Sunday, is simply a bigger version of the last one. If you eyed a DSi but balked because its small size made it feel like a child’s toy, this is for you. If you already own a DSi or DS Lite, there’s likely… Read More »

What to play this weekend (Sept. 4-7)

Hopefully this Labor Day weekend finds you knocking back some cold beverages and enjoying delicious barbecue with family or friends. If you’re like me, though, and not far from home, there’s a little time for gaming, including the newest title in the gathering-friendly “Guitar Hero” franchise.… Read More »

What to play this weekend (Aug. 21-23)

“Shadow Complex” (rated T, $15 Xbox Live Arcade download): This downloadable title, the last of Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade releases, looks better than anything releasing at retail this week. The two-dimensional shooter from Epic (“Gears of War”) and Chair Entertainment (“Undertow”) is styled after games like those in the “Castlevania” and “Metroid” series. In plain English, it’s a shooter set in an open world. Throughout the course of the game, you’ll solve puzzles and unlock new powerups that allow you… Read More »

What to play this weekend (July 10-12)

Arcade baseball title “The Bigs 2″ is the only big retail release, but a slew of new downloadable games plus a temporary sale of “N+” for $5 on Xbox Live keep things interesting.… Read More »

‘Fallout 3′s’ downloadable do-over

SPOILER ALERT: This blog post revolves around “Broken Steel,” the new downloadable content for “Fallout 3″ that continues the game’s story beyond its original ending. In the course of reviewing “Broken Steel,” I’ll be discussing the conclusion of “Fallout 3″ as well as how “Broken Steel” reworks it. I also briefly touch upon the plot of “Fable II.” While I won’t go into specifics, some of what I discuss could spoil plot elements for those who haven’t completed it. As… Read More »

What to play this weekend (May 8-10)

“Fallout 3″ (rated M, $60 on Xbox 360, $50 on PC): Bethesda Softworks’ post-nuclear role-playing game/shooter hybrid got the third and last of its announced expansions this week. (Rumors of a fourth are already percolating, however.) “Broken Steel” adds several hours of gameplay in the form of new quests, but most importantly, it raises the level cap from 20 to 30 and reworks the game’s controversial ending to allow gamers to continue after completing the game’s core plotline. I don’t… Read More »