Here’s a look at what games I’ve been playing, ranked roughly from most-played to least-played. This allows me to offer some thoughts on some titles that I may not devote a full review to, plus sound off on some ideas that might not have made it into full reviews of the games I play. Games are listed roughly in order of most- to least-played, with assistance from my Raptr profile. This post is going up a bit later than usual this week because I opted to put up a timely post reacting to Monday’s Supreme Court ruling.

“Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012” (rated T, $10 download for Xbox 360 and PS3): I finished the Archenemy campaign, which has you joining forces with two other players to take down one opponent. I really like the mode, but it can be a bit crazy and unpredictable thanks to randomly-generated “schemes” that unfurl at the beginning of the single opponent’s turn. They range from relatively benign to ridiculously overpowering, and it’s easy to feel like you have a match in the bag, only to have the schemes undo your, um, schemes.

“Shadows of the Damned” (rated M, $60 for Xbox 360 and PS3): The latest game from Japanese auteur Suda 51, which I previewed a while back, could teach “Duke Nukem Forever” a thing or two about how to pull of profanity and crude humor. Even though the gameplay is old hat, particularly for folks who’ve played the recent “Resident Evil” games, I’m finding myself eagerly coming back each night for more of the game’s oddball style, clever dialogue and inspired art direction. It also has my favorite line of dialogue of the year, something along the lines of, “Give me back my woman, you b—-, or else I’m going to have to get misogynistic!”

“Child of Eden” (rated E10+, $50 for Xbox 360): If I didn’t have to move my furniture out of the way every time I want to play, “Child” is a game I could see myself coming back to again and again. Here’s my review.

“Dead Nation” (rated M, $15 download for PS3): A friend of mine and I hooked up on the PSN for a couple of hours and blasted our way through some more zombie levels.

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