UPDATE: Ubisoft has now blocked access to its own video on “copyright” grounds. (No, I’m really not sure how that works. Maybe they only have the rights to publish the game in Europe?) Oh, well. It was fun while it lasted. A couple of sites still have the video posted and viewable, though. Here’s a link to one of ’em.

While I was spending Thursday at Microsoft’s Xbox Showcase, apparently the entire Internet was burning up with buzz over the trailer for Ubisoft’s “naughty” Wii game, “We Dare.” If you haven’t seen the trailer, here it is below. Clicking on the little windows at the end nets you several epilogues that may not be safe for work, depending on whether you’re the editor of a lingerie catalog or the minster of information for the Taliban.

Are Wii Remotes dishwasher safe?

What’s funny about this clip is that none of the gameplay shown looks particularly naughty in and of itself. Does the game itself encourage the shedding of clothes and light spanking, or was the whole sexy thing someone in the marketing department came up with on a rainy afternoon? And how does the game know anyone’s really pretending to bite the dangling Wii Remote? I guess we’ll have to wait until the game goes