If you read my review of “Mafia II” earlier this week, you know I really enjoyed the game’s  music, even if it isn’t often period-appropriate. One thing I found frustrating, though, is that the game really doesn’t give you any indication what the heck you’re listening to.

Unlike, say, “Grand Theft Auto IV,” no little box comes up telling you what song is playing. And while there are DJs at each radio station, they never seem to actually talk about the music they’re playing. They just come on every so often between songs and offer social commentary.

Turning to the game’s instruction manual offers no help either. Whereas most games with licensed music include some kind of credits/legalese telling you what songs are included in the game, “Mafia II’s” gives you nothing. To find out what a couple of “Mafia II’s” songs were, I literally had to Google “Mafia II song list,” scan through this web page and then look for the videos on YouTube to confirm what was what. I suppose if I had the Shazam app installed on my phone, I could have done it that way, but you’d think a game with such a well-curated roster of songs would be a little more forthcoming about letting you know what music is playing.