Assuming I don’t succumb to whatever flu my wife has been battling for the past week, I’ll be spending a couple of hours on Tuesday and as many as 14 on Wednesday playing “Halo: Reach” at a media event in San Francisco. My goal: to get far enough along that I can review the game the week of its release.

The blockbuster first-person shooter for the Xbox 360 serves as a prequel for the first “Halo” game, and details the fall of the planet Reach to the Covenant, the alien theocratic coalition that serves as one of the series’ two main villains. It’s due out Sept. 14 and will cost $60 for the standard edition.

While at the press event, there’s a good chance I’ll get some face time with some of the Bungie Studio developers who worked on the game. I have questions I plan to ask myself, but I’d also like to throw open my notepad to my readers. If you have any questions about the game or Bungie Studios that you haven’t seen answered anywhere, let me know via comment, e-mail or Twitter and I’ll ask what I can. I imagine that, because this is a “Halo: Reach” event, I shouldn’t ask them too much about their next project, so keep that in mind, please.