I’ve got a full day of appointments on Wednesday, although there’s mercifully no media conference that will require me to rise again at 6 a.m. Phew. At any rate, my day is booked solid with appointments, save for 5:30 to 6 when I’m free to run amok.

I start the day off by seeing four titles from Take-Two Interactive. I’ll be getting my third look at “Mafia II” and seeing a bit more of “Civilization V,” which I saw for the first time at the Game Developers Conference. After that, it’s two new titles, the much-hyped reimagining of “X-Com” and “Spec Ops: The Line,” another one of those military-themed shooters that all kind of blend together for me.

In an attempt to break out of my comfort zone, I’ll be getting a look at what’s going on with Riot’s free-to-play massively multiplayer online game, “League of Legends.” This’ll either be informative or these guys will think I’m an idiot. I do not play MMOs. Might as well stick my neck out there. I have seen the competitors for “Biggest Moron at E3” and I might not even be in the top 10 percent.

Later in the day, I’m getting together with folks from Capcom and Activision, and taking a look at a number of titles, some of which were secret at the time I booked them. (One of the games I’m slated to see, though, is “Call of Duty: Black Ops,” or, as I’m calling it, “Call of Duty: BO.) I’m supposed to see “Rock Band 3,” but the rep told me to get there early and I have to travel from the West Hall to the South Hall licketysplit to get there on time. It’s the one absolutely ridiculous cross-hall navigation I have to make, so wish me luck.

I’m also meeting with Ignition Entertainment to see “Blacklight: Tango Down,” a realistic military shooter that’s going to be released as a downloadable title, which is kind of unusual. If I get enough spare time, I’ll probably drop in on Sony’s booth in the last half-hour before the show closes. God, I’m tired just typing all this out.

On Wednesday night, I’ll either be exhausted or blog like a maniac because I don’t have a column to file. We’ll see which one.

Apologies again for the lack of images with these posts. The WiFi at my hotel is spotty at best, and I haven’t got the patience for anything more than pictures. I’m sure you’d rather I just write as much as possible and fill in the pictures when I get back to civilization San Francisco.