I’m starting today off early at Nintendo’s keynote. Check-in’s at 7:15 a.m., and the thing starts at 9. I’m expecting to see “Metroid: Other M” again and also to see the unveiling of a new “Legend of Zelda” game that’s been rumored for a while. And of course, we’ll see the 3DS, the latest hardware revision to Nintendo’s popular DS series that reportedly allows 3D gaming without the use of glasses. Beyond that, I’m not sure what to expect. I won’t be live blogging the press conference, but you can follow along with me on Twitter. I like to think I can be a funny guy and try to spice things up a bit beyond the typical “release day announced”-type tweets.

Nintendo’s event is followed almost immediately by Sony’s. They’re literally picking up us journalists in a shuttle bus and driving us to their event. I’m expecting to hear all about “Move,” Sony’s motion controller due out this fall. I imagine a fair amount of time will be spent on 3D gaming and on “Killzone 3.” There’ve been rumors Sony may announce a new version of its PlayStation Portable, which is funny since I finally just caved in and bought one.

After the Sony conference,  I finally get to set foot inside the convention center where E3 takes place. (All the press conferences so far have been off site.) On Monday, I’ll be meeting with Valve and hopefully learning a bit more about “Portal 2,” the sequel to the puzzle-oriented shooter that let players bend the laws of physics back in 2007.

I’ll also be meeting with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Hudson and Nintendo. I’m kind of glad I get a chance to meet with Nintendo on the same day as their keynote, while questions are still fresh in my mind. My appointment with Hudson should be a trip down memory lane, as I saw some of their upcoming titles relatively recently at a preview event in San Francisco. “Lost in Shadow,” a puzzle and platform-jumping game for the Wii, has the most promise. I previewed it for Kotaku here.

In addition to those appointments, I’m going to try to catch a glimpse of at least a few things as I wander the show floor, specifically Microsoft’s Kinect. I file my column for Friday’s paper on Tuesday night, so it’d be nice to get up close and personal with the tech before writing.