In the roundup of stuff I saw and did on Monday, I left out the fact that Electronic Arts brought Joe Montana on stage briefly to talk about the streamlined playcalling in this year’s “Madden.”

Joe looked a little uncomfortable on stage. He seemed to struggle with whether to look at the person who was talking to him, or at the crowd, as well as with what he should do with his hands, in other words, stuff you or I would struggle with in the same role. But once he started talking, he hit a groove, even if he was just reading off a script.

Hearing Montana talk as the “Madden” gameplay unfolded behind him made me think it’d be pretty awesome to sit down and play “Madden” with Joe Montana — or any player of his era — just to hear him talk about how much the art of signal calling has changed with the advent of in-helmet radio receivers. I’d be all for a regular series of EA videos in which NFL greats talk candidly for then-vs.-now-type segments. It’d be nostalgic for older gamers and informative for younger ones.