“Super Mario Galaxy 2” (rated E, $50 on Wii): I played this a ton in the days leading up to writing my review. Even though I’ve still got quite a few stars to collect, I’m gonna be taking a break for a while. Maybe it’s because it lacks a story to keep sucking me back in, but I see “SMG 2” as a game that’s best enjoyed in small bites, rather than something I want to play for hours at a time. I’ll be sitting down with it, collecting a couple of stars and then moving on to something else for a while.

“Borderlands” (rated M, $40 on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, $30 on PC): Still working my way through this one. My buddies and I only play for a few hours once a week, so it’s slow going. Plus I’m at E3 this week, so it’s about to get even slower. Still, I think we’re getting close to finishing up my first playthrough. Then there’s New Game Plus and all the downloadable content. Should be busy for a while.

“ModNation Racers” (rated E, $60 on PS3, $40 on PlayStation Portable): This is probably the next game I’m gonna review. I fired it up on PSP while I was waiting for my car to get serviced, and I’ve logged some time on PS3 as well.

“The Eye of Judgment: Legends” (rated E10+, $30 PlayStation Network download for PSP): This is the first downloadable game I bought for my PSP, thinking it might hit the same sweet spot as “Culdcept Saga” on the Xbox 360. I fired it up but didn’t get to do too much because the folks at Manly Honda told me my car was ready to go. (On an unrelated note, I had a fun time chatting about games with those guys after one of ’em recognized my picture from ads in the newspaper.)

“Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers” (rated T, $10 Xbox Live Arcade download): Spent 20 minutes or so unlocking a few more cards.

Coming up: I leave early Monday morning for E3 in Los Angeles. Expect a post to go up Monday morning detailing what I’m going to be doing and seeing there. Short of the titles I’m playing at the show, I doubt I’ll have much time for video gaming. But I’ll be taking my PSP, along with my copies of “ModNation Racers” and “Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker,” so it’s possible I might sneak in a bit of play with those, or “EoJ: Legends.” Mostly, though, I expect I’ll be working my butt off. Oh, on Sunday I played a bit of “Halo 3: ODST” and unlocked an achievement for getting 200,000 points in Firefight mode with my buddies, but that technically belongs in next week’s log.