Sunday evening, I swung by Santa Rosa’s Game Crazy, which is discounting everything because its corporate parent is going out of business, and there are still some pretty good games available.

When I checked in on this sale a couple of weeks ago, everything in the store was selling for 20 percent off. Since then, the discounts have gotten slightly deeper, with games being marked at 25 percent off sticker price and accessories at 30 percent off.

Despite the store’s looking more ransacked and picked over than it did two weeks ago, a lot of good games still could be found on its shelves. During my stop, which was pretty brief because I was on my lunch break, I saw “Super Mario Galaxy” and “Wii Music” for the Wii and “Left 4 Dead 2,” “Brütal Legend” and “BioShock 2” for the Xbox 360. I glimpsed similarly appealing titles for the PS3 but am drawing a blank as I write this several hours later.

I snared “Metro 2033,” a first-person shooter set in the ruins of the Moscow subway system after a nuclear apocalypse. It’s based on a pretty decent-looking sci-fi novel and made by the people who make the “S.T.A.L.K.E.R.” series of PC games, so I’ve got high hopes. The middling reviews for this apparently story-rich game weren’t enough to scare me away. It is, however, a $60 game, so even at a 25 percent discount I ended up paying more than I would’ve if I’d just waited a few months.

Of what I saw Sunday, “Left 4 Dead 2,” with a sticker price of $40 and therefore a discounted price of $30, probably represents the best buy. And there are still plenty of used games for folks seeking even cheaper entertainment.

Game Crazy is at 711 Stony Point Road. Call 546-2692 for more info.