I recently filed a few blog posts for Kotaku off of last week’s Konami’s Gamers Night in San Francisco. I’ll be writing another post or two for this blog, but in the meantime, I thought I should provide links to the other work.

Lost in Shadow Preview: A Hidden Wii Gem?: “Lost in Shadow,” Hudson Soft’s fusion of puzzles and platform jumping, got me more excited than anything else I tried out at Gamers Night. You’ll play the game as a shadow who’s been separated from its person, a young boy. The game will have you scaling a massive tower in an attempt to reunite with him. The mixture of 2D and 3D adventuring reminded me a bit of the “Paper Mario” games. The puzzles should appeal to folks who liked the mental challenged posed by titles like “Braid,” “The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom” and “Cloning Clyde.”

Rush’N Attack: Ex-Patriot Preview: The 80s Strikes Back: Konami is remaking what some might consider a classic ’80s title for Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network. While what I saw at Gamers Night looked pretty good, I was curious as to what made Konami pick “Rush’N Attack” for a remake. My memories of the game, admittedly colored by childhood, weren’t as fond as those I had of other, unremade Konami titles like “Life Force” or “The Goonies II.” Judging from the comments, plenty of folks loved stabbing Rush’Ns, which should please those working on the game.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Tutorial Analysis: Stop Yelling At Me: I got absolutely savaged in the comments for this piece, in which I suggested that “Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker’s” tutorial played like something out of the early ’00s. Whether this was because the piece was initially tagged as a “preview” or because folks are just quick to jump to the defense of one of gaming’s most popular franchises is up in the air, I guess. But I do find the state of game tutorials to be worth discussing. It’s also worth reiterating that a bad tutorial doesn’t necessarily mean I won’t like the game, something that seemed lost on some people. At any rate, I followed up that piece with another one on this blog that discussed a few tutorials I thought were particularly successful.