I started “Bayonetta” (rated M, $60 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) this week and was amused at a self-deprecating cinematic that was nearly self-defecating, as well.

Near the beginning of the game — before the chapter that’s referred to as the “prologue” but after the first bit of action — “Bayonetta’s” credits are displayed on gravestones during an in-game movie. At the end of the credits, the camera hovers on a gravestone bearing the name of Hideki Kamiya, “Bayonetta’s” creative director.

Then, an amusing thing happens: A small, dark circle appears in the middle of the gravestone, slowly growing. Yes, Joe Pesci-inspired mobster Enzo is literally peeing on Kamiya”s grave. Here’s one guy we know who doesn’t take himself too seriously.