“The Beatles: Rock Band” (rated T, $60 on Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, $250 for bundle that includes game, microphone, mic stand and replicas of Paul McCartney’s bass and Ringo Starr’s drums): If you’ve been keeping up with GameWit this week, you’ll know I love this game. It’s rekindled my love for the Fab Four. Here’s a link to my review, a post on what songs to play first in Quick Play, and an anecdote about playing the game with my nephew, Keondre.

“Muramasa: The Demon Blade” (rated T, $50 on Wii): Flip out and kill people as a ninja in feudal Japan.

“Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days” (rated T, $30 on PlayStation Portable): People who’ll appreciate this turn-based, strategy role-playing game out of Japan know who they are. The marketing copy describes it thusly: “Play as a human hero devoted to saving the world from a demented overlord, or try your luck as a dumb-as-bricks demon villain determined to become the Netherworld’s new superstar!” I’d opt for the latter. I couldn’t tell you how many Japanese-style RPGs feature a human hero (with cool hair) devoted to saving the world.

“Puzzle Quest” (rated E, on sale for $5 on Xbox Live Arcade through Monday): This mashup of role-playing game and colored-game matching title is one of the Xbox 360’s most addictive puzzlers. At $5, it’s a steal.

“IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey” (rated T, $50 on Xbox 360 or PS3): With a title that sounds like a bounty hunter from “The Empire Strikes Back,” this title might not earn a second glance from a lot of games. But this budget-priced (currently $40 at some online retailers) World War II dogfighting game might be the best game in the genre since “Ace Combat 6,” if early reviews are anything to go by. Live out your “Top Gun” fantasies.

“DiRT 2” (rated E, $60 on Xbox 360 and PS3, $40 on Wii and PC, $30 on PSP and DS): This game is a follow-up to Codemasters’ well-reviewed off-road racing game “DiRT.” It’s the first of a slew of racing games due out this fall. Early reviews have been favorable, but if your racing needs don’t require you to play an off-road game, you might see how “Need for Speed: Shift,” “Forza Motorsport 2” and, potentially, “Gran Turismo 5” pan out before picking a winner.

“LittleBigPlanet: Game of the Year Edition” (rated E, $60 on PS3): It’s cool that they’re releasing a Game of the Year version of this title that comes bundled with a bunch of stuff that was originally sold as downloadable content. Less cool, though, is the fact that it’s still $60. $40 seems like a better price. Still, “LBP” is one of the PS3’s best titles, and if you don’t want to wait for the price to comes down, you’ll get a lot of replay value out of this edition.

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Reshelled” (rated, $10 PlayStation Network download): This downloadable remake of the classic TMNT game hit Xbox Live Arcade a while back. Now it’s on the PlayStation Network.

“Capcom Platinum Hits Triple Pack” (rated T through M, $40 on Xbox 360): If you don’t have “Dead Rising,” “Lost Planet: Colonies Edition” or “Devil May Cry 4,” you can’t really beat all of them in one package for $40. Heck, even “Dead Rising,” the Xbox 360’s most underrated game, plus one other game is worth $40. In this pack, you get to kill zombies in a shopping mall with all sorts of implements, blast giant insects on a frozen world and slash up baddies on a journey into hell.

“Silent Hill” (rated M, $6 PlayStation Network download): The roster of original PlayStation titles for download on the PS3 for use on that console or the PSP includes one of the all-time great survival horror titles. Yeah, it probably doesn’t look the best, but play it in the dark on your PSP and you’ll still get plenty scared.

What I’m playing this weekend: Spent some time getting caught up on “Culdcept Saga” league matches on Friday and Saturday. Still going for a few more achievements in “The Bigs 2.” I’m working evenings all weekend, and by the time I get home from work, it’ll be a little too late to fire up “The Beatles: Rock Band” without irking my slumbering neighbors. So a return date with John, Paul, George and Ringo will have to wait. I might try a bit more of “The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition” if time allows, too.