I’m generally one of those people who’s not afraid to make a fool out of myself. So I have no problem telling you that I just invested a decent amount of time familiarizing myself with karaoke game “Disney Sing It.” Talk about sacrificing yourself for your craft.

“Disney Sing It” is a karaoke game for the “Hannah Montana” and “Camp Rock” set. It is not aimed at childless men in their early 30s. For me (and probably for most adults out there), a lot of the music is instantly forgettable, if not slightly annoying ” perfectly crafted, paint-by-numbers pop songs that sound like the product of some arcane hit formula. They’re produced to within an inch of their lives and probably were tested by focus groups.

That said, “Sing It” has the kind of music 6- to 12-year-old girls will eat up. It’s got inoffensive tween heartthrobs like Jesse McCartney, the Jonas Brothers and Zac Efron, who’s unintentionally hilarious playing basketball while wearing lipstick and stage makeup in “Get Your Head in the Game.” On the female side of things you’ve got Aly & AJ, Vanessa Hudgens and, of course, Miley Cyrus. (The folks at Disney were kind enough to Miley to include a song by her dad, as well.)

As with any other title in the genre, you sing along to on-screen cues, although it’s worth noting that there’s no option to mute the in-game vocalist, so “Sing It” is more sing-along than karaoke. The game smartly includes an “on your own” mode, where players can either sing without any cues or stare dreamily at the Jonas Brothers while they preen and dance across the screen.

The training modes aren’t cruel when you mess up, and the overall tone of the game is one of encouragement. It’s impossible to fail a song, and the lowest rating you can get is “Keep Trying.” It’s worth noting that the game is particularly forgiving. I got three stars on an Aly and AJ song I’d never heard before, and even managed to score a few points on a “Camp Rock” song during which I didn’t sing at all.

“Disney Sing It” is rated E and is available in a bundle that includes a microphone for $60 on Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation 3. On PS2, it’ll cost you $50. The game is also available for $20 less if you can find it without the microphone. When I played the game on the 360, I used the “Rock Band” mic rather than the one that came with the game, and it worked just fine.