About a month ago, I blogged about Nintendo’s Wii Speak microphone peripheral, and how Nintendo ” seemingly to discourage sales of used copies of Wii Speak ” was including with each copy of the game just one code that users could enter into their Wii to download the chat channel designed to work with the mic.

In the interest of fairness, it’s worth mentioning that Nintendo has, uh, clarified that each copy of Wii Speak can have more than one owner. If you buy the microphone and need an extra download code ” whether you bought it used, have more than one Wii or want to give it to a friend ” all you have to do is call Nintendo and ask for another download code.

Now, in interviews with gaming blogs and press, Nintendo has seemingly tried to pass this off as if it’s been the plan all along, but something doesn’t smell right here. If all you have to do is call up and get another code, why have them in the first place? It looks for all the world like Nintendo had a plan to thwart resales of Wii Speak, then backed down when the gaming media and its customers complained. In any case, it’s good news for Wii owners.