I’m using my purchase of a PS3 as an excuse to upgrade my home theater setup ever so slightly. While waiting for a new receiver and the appropriate cables to arrive, though, I couldn’t help but rip open my PS3 packaging to see what was inside the box that included my $400 console with 80 gigabyte hard drive.

With the PS3’s built-in Blu-ray high-definition DVD player, I expected Sony to include everything I needed for a true HD gaming and movie-watching experience in the box. Yet when I opened up my PS3, I was disappointed to see the console came with the same old-school yellow composite video cable bundled with game consoles since the ’90s.

Now, there’s no need for Sony to include a state-of-the-art HDMI connector for the latest, greatest TVs. After all, the majority of gamers are still playing on old CRT sets. But Sony at least could have included something along the lines of the hybrid component/composite cable that
Microsoft packs in with most versions of the Xbox 360.

It’d satisfy most gamers and strengthen Sony’s claim to have the most cutting-edge machine. As a couple of commenters have pointed out, if you do need to pick up an HDMI cable, any HDMI cable will do. There’s no need to shell out upward of $50 for Sony’s branded cable when you can order one online for $10 or less.

Sony does get points, though, by including a built-in rechargeable battery in the PS3’s DualShock 3 controller, along with a cable to charge the thing.

Both the Wii and Xbox 360 controllers feature a compartment for two AA batteries, forcing gamers to shell out additional money for disposable batteries or their own rechargeable solution.