Electronics retailer Best Buy is clearing stock of some older (but still decent) Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 games this week. I swung in today to pick up a copy of “Condemned 2: Bloodshot,” the M-rated follow up to 360 launch title “Condemned: Criminal Origins.” The first game featured now-famous Greg Grunberg (“Heroes”) as Ethan Thomas, a detective dispatched to investigate a series of gruesome killings. The creepy title melded “CSI”-style forensics with survival horror and first-person action gameplay. I’m looking forward to playing the Grunberg-less sequel, if I ever dig myself out from the fall games glut.

Other games on sale for a tenspot, in my order of interest or preference are “Ninja Gaiden II” (rated M, Xbox 360), “MLB 2K8” (rated E for Xbox 360 and PS3), dinosaur FPS “Turok” (rated M, Xbox 360 and PS3), and “PunchOut” wannabe “Facebreaker” (rated T, Xbox 360 and PS3).

“Battlefield: Bad Company,” “Guitar Hero: Aerosmith” and “Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock” (all rated T for Xbox 360 and PS3) are all $20, except for “Guitar Hero III,” which for some unexplained reason costs $10 only on the PS3. Also $20 is “Unreal Tournament III” (rated M, Xbox 360).

Of these titles, “Condemned 2” and “Ninja Gaiden II” are the no-brainer buys at $10. All the $20 titles are solid, depending on your tastes. This year’s baseball games are only a couple of months away, making the fairly mediocre “MLB 2K8” skippable. If you like sweaty, muscled-up dudes shooting dinosaurs with crossbows, “Turok” could be worth a look. “Facebreaker” was roundly panned.

Sadly, there are no similarly enticing deals on the Wii.