After a blogger for Cheap Ass Gamer snapped a pic of a Toys R Us retail display offering money for used games, a company representative confirmed to AOL-owned blog Joystiq that the nation’s second-largest toy retailer is experimenting with entering the used video game market.

Right now, the idea’s only being tested at a couple of stores in New York, so it has little pratical effect inside Sonoma County. Still, though, if you ever try to resell your games, you know your only real options short of dealing with Craigslist and eBay flakes are GameStop or Hollywood-video owned Game Crazy.

You also know that, oftentimes, after dealing with one of these stores, you walk away wondering why they only gave you $5 in credit for a game that cost you $60 three months ago. Sadly, Toys R Us’ potential entering the market won’t likely signal a sea change in what you’ll get for used games. But it could apply a little pressure. And it’d be one more company having the occasional sale on used games. Savvy GameStop and Game Crazy customers can pick up quite a few older games for not much money by waiting for the right time to shop.

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention that Amoeba Music in San Francisco is reportedly buying and selling used games now. Despite living just a few miles away, I haven’t been over there in ages. (My wallet tends to be pretty empty when I leave, making me stay away as a precautionary measure. Adding games to the mix would only make things worse.) One of these days, I’ll get over there and report on what I find. Hopefully their selection is a tad bit better than what I usually find in Rasputin in Union Square.