A little while back, I suggested that it was time for Electronic Arts and the makers of other sports games to stop putting out so many new versions of games on a yearly basis and instead sell roster updates as downloadable content. Well, it looks like EA is taking a step in that direction with “NCAA Basketball 09: March Madness Edition.” Instead of putting out a whole new $60 retail game, as it’s done in years past, EA is going to sell an NCAA college basketball tournament game through Xbox Live for $15.

The game is due out Wednesday. Until the teams from this year’s tournament are announced, you’ll be able to play using last year’s teams. Come Selection Sunday, or shortly thereafter, EA will update the rosters with this year’s teams and players. For casual college basketball fans who skipped this year’s “NCAA Basketball 09,” this’d be a great way to get your fix without shelling out $60 for a game that released to relatively mediocre reviews. Bummer that it’s not available via the PlayStation Network, though.