The Beatles’ Apple Corps and EMI Music announced today that on Sept. 9, the day “The Beatles: Rock Band” hits store shelves, we’ll also be able to buy remastered, stereo versions of the Beatles’ 12 albums, as well as “Magical Mystery Tour” and the two “Past Masters” discs, which will be released as a double album. For you mono fiends, single-channel versions of all the discs will be packaged together in a boxed set. A stereo boxed set will also be available.

There’s no word yet on what any of this will cost. Hopefully, the band, MTV games and various retailers will come up with some kind of package deal where you can get the albums for a little less money of you buy “The Beatles: Rock Band.” I’d recommend coupons in the package. That way, a new generation of Lennon/McCartney devotees can play the game, take note of what songs they like and buy buy buy.

If the Fab Four’s absence from iTunes and original insistence that their game not have “Rock Band” in the title failed to convince you The Beatles’ business managers are stuck in the pre-digital era, consider that these reissues will be the first time the band’s catalog has been digitally remastered. Heck, the entire catalog of Slowdive, a fairly obscure British band I used to listen to back in college, has been remastered. But not “Abbey Road?” An outrage.

Lastly, I’m wondering whether the game’s 9/9/09 release date means we’ll be getting “Revolution #9” in “The Beatles: Rock Band.” I somehow doubt it, but the looks of bewilderment upon queueing up that track would be priceless.