It’d be nice to think that one day, video gamers might get to experience something akin to the joy cinephiles feel when one of their favorite movies gets tabbed for a Criterion Collection DVD release.

For movie buffs, Criterion’s DVDs can bring fresh attention to older, underloved masterpieces. More than the cleaned-up transfers, improved subtitles and commentary tracks, though, the definitive feature for me of Criterion Collection releases is the cool, reimagined box art.

In that spirit, ambitious Photoshop artists over at the NeoGAF forums have answered the question, “How cool would the box art be if Criterion rereleased classic video games?” with a resounding, “Very cool.” At the time of this posting, there are eight pages of admirable work, including the “Killer 7” box art from ShaunBRS that I used to illustrate this post.

Most of the reimagined boxes look nothing short of stunning, though I’m noticing that they achieve their stylish, minimalist look by dropping the ESRB rating boxes from the covers, something that’d never happen in real life.